In three recent surveys, Michigan drivers, and also specifically Detroit and Grand Rapids drivers, ranked among the best in the country.

One survey, conducted by QuoteWizard, had Michigan drivers ranked as the 3rd best in the nation.  And in another survey by QuoteWizard, Detroit was listed as having the best drivers in the country, while Grand Rapids ranked as having the 5th best.  In the previous year, QuoteWizard ranked Michigan as number 1.

A third survey, sponsored by Insurify, ranked Michigan as having the best drivers in the nation when compared to other states.  This was the second year that Michigan was ranked as number one, and in many of the metrics used to rank the states, Michigan was far and away the best.

You can look back several years and consistently see that Michigan ranks quite high on the lists of the best drivers by state.  Michigan was ranked 4th best in 2016, then Michigan was ranked 8th in the nation in a study from 2017, and finally Michigan was ranked as having the best drivers in 2019.

There could be many reasons why Michiganders are great drivers.  It could be that we have to drive half of the year in the snow, so it makes us more aware of bad conditions.  Or, maybe it's just because we are home to the motor city and driving is in our blood.  It really could be anything.  If you can muster a guess as to why we are such good drivers, leave a comment and tell us what you think.

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