Meet the Helminen family.  They plan to bike 1,200 miles across the state of Michigan to help raise money to fight cancer.  They’re doing as part of The Great Cycle Challenge USA.

Great Cycle Challenge USA/Facebook
Great Cycle Challenge USA/Facebook

The three plan to start by biking along the east coast of Michigan to the Upper Peninsula. They’ll then cycle across the U.P. and come back down through West Michigan.

According to the Great Cycle Challenge USA Facebook page, all net proceeds from the challenge benefit Children’s Cancer Research Fund. Children’s Cancer Research Fund works to help find a cure to end childhood cancer, as well as support groups for families fighting the battle.

Karl, Eva and their 10-year-old son Zac are pulling along their English bulldog as they ride 5-6 hours a day. So far they’ve covered 183 miles of the 1,200-mile journey and have raised over $9,000!

Keep an eye out for them on their tandem bike, as they bike along the state.  Maybe buy them a water or power bar if you see them stopped along the way! Also follow the Great Cycle Challenge USA Facebook page for updates.

Good Luck Helminem Family, hope to see ya as you pass through Grand Rapids!

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