After having good ratings with its pilot episode, TLC has picked up "Meet the Putmans" for a full season which will air sometime this fall, according to WXYZ Detroit.

"Meet the Putmans" is a reality show that focuses on a 25-person family all living together, in one house, in Caseville Township, which is on the thumb of the mitten state.

Unlike the Duggars, Bob & Barb didn't pop out an unreasonable amount of babies. They had four kids of their own who all have their own families now. So between Bob & Barb, who are the heads of the household, their four adult children plus their spouses, and all the grandkids makes 10 adults and 15 children. Therefore, 25 total people who for some strange reason all want to live together... all the time.

The Putmans currently live in a 6,000 sq. foot house with only TWO bathrooms! TWO!!! How do 25 people share only two bathrooms?  How do things get done (besides the obvious)? I guess its a good thing that they plan on building a new house because MLive says the new show will follow the family as they build a new 34,000 sq. foot home. 34K?! I sure hope there's going to be plenty of bathrooms.

In the pilot trailer below they make note that not only do they share two bathrooms but they all share one bank account and the same rules! As someone who loves long hot showers, independence, and breaking the rules from time to time; this sounds like torture to me.

Also, is it necessary for them to take a school bus to go grocery shopping?! Why does EVERYONE have to go? If I was living in a house with that many people, I'd stay back and enjoy some alone time in the bathroom. HOWEVER, the females of the house get to wear pants, unlike the Duggar girls, so I'll give them that.

Will you be watching "Meet the Putmans" when it airs?