If you play video games, board games, card games, or pretty much any type of game, you need to check out the brand new Michigan Gamers Subreddit!  From my personal experience, the more nerdy the game you play, the harder it is to find people to play with you.

Well now you have a brand new tool to aide you in your quest to game! The Michigan Gamers Subreddit is a place for Michigan gamers of all varieties to come together and enjoy their hobby!

You'll be able to find gaming conventions, public gaming nights, eSports viewing parties, and much more!  The forum also has it's own Discord Channel where gamers can login and talk to others in their area about different gaming topics.  You can find a the Discord weekly schedule of events here.

Don't be shy, gamers!  Stop in, say hello, and you just might find some new friends!

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