Motor City Pride took place over the weekend. Michigan's Governor Gretchen Whitmer was there. Motor City Pride is Michigan's largest pride celebration with over 40,000 participants in the pride events. They are an entirely volunteer run organization with a mission of spreading awareness thru pride.

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The parade which the governor attended was held on Sunday at noon. Big Gretch walked with a bullhorn and she wore a leather jacket. The back of her jacket said





Celebrating lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning (LGBTQ) culture, the title sponsor was also on hand. A specially wrapped 2021 Jeep Wrangler 4xe served as the grand marshal vehicle of the Motor City Pride parade. Stellantis and the Jeep brand are recognized as a leader among U.S. employers for providing domestic partner benefits to its employees in 2000.

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Whitmer said into the bullhorn,

"Motor City gay pride."

Her BigGretchWhitmer TikTok account stated,

"Pride isn't just one month. The LGBTQ+ community has an ally in @garlingilchrist and I 365 days a year."

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@biggretchwhitmerPride isn’t just one month. The LGBTQ+ community has an ally in @garlingilchrist and I 365 days a year. ##motorcitypride♬ original sound - Johnny Sibilly

Every year thousands of people caravan to the Detroit river front with signs, noisemakers and pompoms in hand, ready to proudly show their support of community and the largest pride celebration in the Midwest. The parade is customarily held during Pride Month in June but was delayed because of the pandemic.

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Whitmer said,

"If anyone thinks the last two years have worn us down, they are sadly mistaken. We stand true, we stand tall, and we are going to continue working together."

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