I didn't say it was a bad problem, we just love us some pickles.

It started with pickle cupcakes, then spread to pizza chains creating perfect pickle pizza pie, then to a company making dill pickle ice cream; now, according to a recent study, Michigan's favorite trendy cocktail is none other than, wait for it... the Pickleback.

Who does the survey? A company in Las Vegas called Hangover Heaven.  They are the people that show up to your Vegas hotel room with an IV so you can get back to livin’ it up in Vegas.  (I'm not kidding, check their website)

Mlive says they recently used “Google search interest data” (whatever that is exactly) to find the most popular trendy cocktail in each state around the U.S., which for Michigan and Rhode Island would be the Pickleback.

The Pickleback is a shot of whiskey and a shot of pickle juice.

MLive says you can just call the shot of pickle juice a Pickleback, but I disagree, that’s just a shot of pickle juice. They also have some recipes that change the shot to a cocktail (which is how it got on this list.)  Around here, you usually just get the two shots when you order a Pickleback. Just throwing this out there, but if you ever wanted to buy me a shot, this is my go to.

By the way,

One of the few times I’m jealous of Ohio is in this same study by Hangover HeavenMlive says that Ohio, Illinois, and 7 other states enjoy the Jalapeño Margarita, which sounds awesomely delicious and one of my favorite drinks at Donkey.

They also say Mead is the most popular trendy cocktail.





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