The 2020 census is under way and Michigan has had the 3rd best response in the nation thus far.  Despite the coronavirus pandemic and civil unrest across the country, the Americans are still be counted for the United States Census.

According to an article by Click on Detroit, Michigan has one of the best efforts when it comes to reporting for the 2020 census.  Michigan is currently tied with Iowa for third place in response rate with 67.8% of residents responding.

The response rate in Michigan is extremely high in the bottom half of the lower peninsula, but as you travel north, the response rate drops drastically.  Detroit is also lagging behind in terms of response rate when compared to other cities in the state.  Kent County's response rate is 74.8%.  You can check out the response rate county by county below.

If you haven't responded to the census yet, it's not too late.  Just head over to and fill out the questionnaire online.

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