Yes! Now you can pretend to be a medieval king while using your throne!

Live Like A Lannister! Or A Targaryen! Or Whoever Won 'Game of Thrones'

I can't remember which king on 'Game of Thrones' got murdered by his son while using the toilet, but one of them did. And let's face it, there's too much blood to be shed when trying to win the Iron Throne anyway, so why not just buy a place that as a literal throne as its toilet?

It makes life a lot less messy.

This property, being offered by Community Choice Realty in St. Clair Shores has a lot to offer besides just a toilet throne room.

The House Is Located On Its Own Peninsula, And It Also Has A Bathtub On Wheels

To start with, the home is located on its own jetty into Lake St. Clair, so you're just a short step from building your own moat to keep your enemies out.

In addition to the throne bathroom, the 5800 square foot property also has an antique bathtub on wheels.

Yup, a bathtub on wheels, so you could wheel your tub out to the veranda and bathe al fresco, if you so desire.

It Was Built By A Famous Detroit Radio Host

I mean who else would want a toilet throne, but some vain radio person?

The property was once the home of a locally well known radio personality in the Detroit area, Edythe Melrose, who was known back in the day as "The Lady of Charm", thus giving the house its nickname, the "House of Charm".

In this case "charm" means the house has more bathrooms (five) than bedrooms (three), and is currently on the market for $979,000, which is a $28,000 drop from when it first came on the market.

So let's take a tour of this unusual house.

House For Sale With A Toilet Throne And Other Oddities

This 5800 square foot St. Clair Shores home is yours for just $979,000. It has its own peninsula and a bathtub on wheels.




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