What are we in the Top 10 for now? Unemployment? Basketball? States with snow and the coldest friggin' air in the country?

Nope. Gas prices. Michigan is in the Top 10 in lowest gas prices in the country. Even with 429 cents a gallon in tax, we still have the 8th lowest average gas prices in the US. Who knew?

"The national average price of gas has fallen for a record 108 consecutive days, according to AAA. That is the longest streak since the travel and leisure group began tracking daily averages in January 2000. Unless a significant rebound in crude oil prices takes place, the average price at the pump is likely to remain below $3.00 per gallon in 2015. As of January 10, 2015, the national average for regular unleaded gas in America was only $2.15 per gallon, down 34% from the year ago level of $3.31 per gallon.

8. Michigan
Current average: $2.01
Month ago average: $2.66
Year ago average: $3.29

Still amazing. And "they" keep saying the prices havent bottomed out yet. Kinda like a limbo at a party. How low can (they) you go?

Thinkstock Images/ThinkStock
Thinkstock Images/ThinkStock

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