The NCAA Tournament, one of the largest gambling events of the year, has just passed and now we have the Kentucky Derby, another huge gambling event, on the horizon.  But lucky for us here in Michigan, most people won't lose their life savings gambling. has put together a list of the most and least gambling addicted states in America and Michigan is near the bottom of the list.  The survey is based on how easy it is for a person to gamble in their state and how many people are currently being treated for gambling addiction.  You can check out their methodology here.

Only 6 states are less gambling-addicted than Michigan, who comes in at 44th on the list of most gambling-addicted states.  But we also have the fewest percent of people with gambling disorders.  But, that's based on the number of people in treatment, so maybe we actually have a lot of people who are addicted and just not seeking treatment...

Here are the top 10 most and least gambling-addicted states.

Most Gambling-Addicted States
  1. Nevada
  2. South Dakota
  3. Montana
  4. Mississippi
  5. Oklahoma
  6. West Virginia
  7. New Jersey
  8. Oregon
  9. Illinois
  10. Louisiana
Least Gambling-Addicted States
  1. Utah
  2. Florida
  3. Alaska
  4. Nebraska
  5. Alabama
  6. Arizona
  7. Michigan
  8. Maine
  9. Wisconsin
  10. North Carolina​
Source: WalletHub

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