We're high on the list mainly because, accordingly to the methodology, we hate ourselves. So let's knock it off!

The web site Best Life looked at what states in the Union were the most hated, both by other states, and internally, by themselves, and Michigan came in sixth on the list.

Michigan is most hated by Ohio, no surprise there, but the most shocking revelation to me was the fact that only 28% of state residents polled had any kind of state pride. In other words, 72% of us don't like being here, and that's not a good thing.

The only other state with that much self loathing, is the most hated state, New Jersey.

If I have to be the one to give everyone a pep talk, so be it.

I love this state, and I grew up in one of the worst parts of it - Saginaw.

Sure, it can be trying at times, but what I've always loved about Michigan is the people. We're independent, resilient, and we used to not complain. We used to be a stoic state that sucked it up and got stuff done when it needed to be done.

But now, it seems like all we do is complain.

Is it really that tough? Or does it mean it's just time to roll up your sleeves and get to work? C'mon, Michigan, don't let division split us apart. Work together. Be the Michigan I used to love.

We have so much to be proud of -- miles of shoreline, much of it publicly accessible.


The best summers in the world. And one of the most colorful autumns.


The hiking and canoeing and kayaking here is second to none. We have become a mecca for mountain biking. And we have converted miles and miles of old train tracks into bike routes.


Is there anything better than a Great Lakes sunset on sunrise? Nope. And they're for everyone!


Snap out of your funk, Michigan! Don't be a New Jersey!

And if you fight in the Facebook comments to this post -- go look in the mirror. Who are you REALLY mad at?

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