When you cross the state line into Indiana you see lots of billboards for fireworks and cigarettes. As you drive around Michigan, you'll notice a lot of cannabis billboards. That will end if one Michigan lawmaker has her way.

State Representative Mary Whiteford from Allegan County is writing a bill to ban the pot billboards. Whiteford has support from another state representative in Dearborn. Whiteford worries about the message the billboards send to young minds. She recently told Fox 17,

"I was going through, really I saw two billboards that really bother me. I saw one that said we had a new state flower. We don’t see any medicines advertised on billboards. Tobacco can’t be advertised on billboards. It's exposing children, to the belief, that because it’s legal, it’s safe"

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Ethan Miller

Currently, Cannabis companies have 2 outlets to advertise their products, online and billboards. Dispensaries are the the number one purchaser of billboards in Michigan.

House bill 4608 was made known on April 13. It's description: To amend the state’s medical marijuana law by adding a ban on billboard ads for medical marijuana.

Field of hemp. Cannabis Sativa. Industrial kind (technical cannabis)

Stephen Linder from the Michigan Cannabis Manufacturers Association says his organization is working to change attitudes toward cannabis and avoid measures like this legislation. Linder says the cannabis industry brings in billions of dollars in revenue each year and has helped to keep the state’s economy thriving during the pandemic.

The legislation is to be introduced next week.


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