A Michigan man was caught three years in a row violating multiple wildlife and felony weapons charges.

I've heard of people poaching and getting caught, but usually getting caught means they are done breaking the law in our Michigan outdoors.

Well a Michigan man did not learn his lesson the first time, or the second time and hopefully the third time is a charm after being sentenced in Otsego County Circuit Court.

According to FOX 17, 56-year-old Cecil Edward Day Jr has been convicted of multiple wildlife and felony weapons violations and is now doing serving up to 7 1/2 years in state prison that the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) have been investigation for 3 years.

I get forgetting your hunting license when going into the woods, its easy to do. I get forgetting you had a rifle shell in your pocket out of firearm deer season. These are small things to do wrong in the woods and are easy to do, but Day's lack of respect of Michigan hunting laws, weapon laws along with vehicle and drinking laws is absolutely over the top.

From Michigan's DNR Law Enforcement Division Sgt. Mark DePew said, "this individual was a thief of our natural resources. Our officers' teamwork should be a lesson to those who see to steal fish and game from the citizens of his state."

I could believe the list of charges that Day was convicted of but here goes:

  • In 2018, Day shot a deer illegally from a motor vehicle. He was sentenced to 13 months in jail, fined $1,836 and forfeited his weapon that he used in the crime.
  • But wait, there's more. In 2019, Day was caught using someone else's hunting license. Got another 13 months in jail, a $1,458 fine and lost another weapon.
  • Oh Day's not done yet because in 2020 he got caught drunk behind the wheel of a motor vehicle for his third offense making him a habitual offender. He got 16 more months to a 7 1/2 year prison sentence and fined $936.

Day pleaded guilty to all charges and is now serving time concurrently for his convictions. His fines amounted to $4,252 but was bonused another $2,000 in fines to pay back to the state's Fish and Game Fund for the loss of the game.

Hopefully Day learns his lesson and maybe the state will not allow him to have weapons or hunt in Michigan moving forward.

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