A Michigan man has looked at our newly legalized pot scene and thought something was lacking. 

It's called 'The Parachute Pill', and it's designed to gently bring you down if you've gotten too high.

Steve Goldner of Pure Green says he developed the pill because studies have shown that in states where pot is legal, people experimenting with edibles like THC laced cookies and cakes don't know how much to eat, and sometimes eat too much and get too high.

“A lot of people, especially when they use cannabis edibles, they get way too high. And its anxiety-provoking. They’re upset, and it takes hours for them to get back to being normal. So we really wanted to help them,” Goldner told WNEM TV

“Frankly, it gets a little out of control. Or some of the edibles aren’t completely mixed properly and a person inadvertently just takes too much. And then they find themselves in trouble, half an hour or an hour later,” Goldner added.

Enter the Parachute Pill, which contains CBD oils, the non-psychoactive part of the marijuana, to gently bring you back down to reality.

The Parachute Pill is already available in the Mid-Michigan area, and will expand statewide soon.



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