Paul Walter Hauser, who was born in Grand Rapids, is set to play the title role in the movie 'Richard Jewell' a true story about the man who was accused of the 1996 Centennial Olympic Park bombing in Atlanta.

Hauser, who won over audiences as Shawn Eckhardt, the overconfident body guard in 'I, Tanya', has been cast in the starring role as Jewell, who was wrung over the rails by the media after being named a suspect in the bombing which killed one person and injured 111 others.

The trailer shows the jocular Jewell as a hero at first, and then slowly the wheels turn until Jewell is forced to try and defend himself.


Hauser had roles on the TV comedies, 'It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia' and 'Key and Peele' before landing the role as Eckhardt. The positive reviews he received in that role led him to landing parts in the Spike Lee film 'BlaKKKlansman' and the Mindy Kaling comedy 'Late Night'.

Hauser, who looks a lot like the real Richard Jewell, landed the role after Jonah Hill backed out of an initial version of the project. When Clint Eastwood was tabbed as the director of the new project, Hauser auditioned and landed the role.

Hauser was born in Grand Rapids, and riased in Saginaw, where he attented Valley Lutheran High School. He moved to Los Angeles ten years ago to try his luck in the entertainment industry.

"I left Saginaw to go Hollywood but someday in the next decade when we can get our ducks in a row, me and some other Saginaw natives hope to bring Hollywood back to Saginaw," Hauser told in 2018.




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