Would you eat "gravestone fudge"? A man who died in Lansing back in 1849 has his gravestone back after it was found in an interesting situation.

Peter J. Weller was a well known business man in his hometown of Lansing, so much so that when he passed away in 1849, his family erected a giant marble monument to his memory.

But when the family plot was moved to another cemetery a few years later, in 1875, the stone slab went missing. Until now.

According to a Facebook post by The Friends Of Lansing's Historic Ceremonies, the back of the gravestone's smooth marble surface became the perfect fudge making slab for an Okemos family:

No one knows where it was for most of that time but an auctioneer found it in an Okemos home where the back side of the monument had been used for many years to make fudge.
The FOLHC was alerted to the situation by former Lansing area resident Walter Anderson, who saw the monument listed for sale on the auctioneer's website. Brad Stoecker of Epic Auctions donated the monument once he knew it belonged on an unmarked grave in Mt. Hope Cemetery. Genealogist Ginger Ogilvie researched the Weller family tree for the FOLHC and determined no living relatives could be located.
With permission from the city, the FOLHC hired cemetery preservationist Andrew Noland, of Silent Cities, to install the missing monument on Weller's grave. He also recovered, repaired and reset Christina Weller's monument and reset Lucretia Weller's monument. All 6 of the monuments and markers on the 10 plot family gravesite were cleaned. Christina and Lucretia were daughters of Weller.
The dedication ceremony will include the well-researched life and times of Peter Weller and his descendants and their spouses, including a Michigan Speaker of the House of Representatives, members of the Blue Book society of Detroit, and a Shakespearean actress.
The official rededication of the gravestone went off without a hitch yesterday at Mt. Hope Cemetery in Lansing. I hope the fudge was delicious, even if it wasn't made with the gravestone.


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