Charlie Manson is dead and he gets all the media attention. But one of his victims grew up in Michigan and found his calling in the Navy. Many say Jay Sebring was the man who issued in a new era of men's hair styling.

Jay Sebring was one of the Manson Family's four victims killed at Roman Polanski's house in August of 1969.

Sebring was born Thomas Kummer in Alabama, but his family soon moved to the Detroit area, where he attended St. Benedict's School in Highland Park, later graduating from Catholic Central. It was during a stint in the Navy that Kummer found his calling in men's hair styling, eventually changing his name to Jay Sebring.

Sebring built up his clientele at his Los Angeles salon, eventually styling the hair of such notable names as Jim Morrison of the Doors, Steve McQueen, Marlon Brando and Vic Damone.

His idea of styling a man's hair to fit his facial features was considered forward thinking at that time and many credit Sebring for bringing men's hair styling into vogue, rather than the old concept of just going to the barber and asking for one of four haircuts available at the time.

According to police reports, Sebring was the first one killed by Manson's followers after he tried to get them to stop harassing Sharon Tate, who was pregnant with Polanski's baby at the time.

Sebring's hard partying lifestyle was brought into question during the subsequent news reports of themurders, although many who knew him disputed those rumors.

Sebring was buried in Southfield, and Steve McQueen read his eulogy.

Sebring's relatives this weekend said Manson's death gave them little or no solace. His nephew, Anthony DiMaria told the Las Vegas Review Journal, “With the news of Mr. Manson’s death, it doesn’t really change anything because his victims … are just as dead today as the day they were sent to their grave (nearly) 49 years ago.”




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