This isn't shocking to any of us that live here: Michigan is the most romantic state in the United States.

That's the reality, at least according to Redbox. Its research shows that Michiganders watched more romantic movies in 2014 than any other state.

Here are the top 10 most romantic cities, according to the survey: Green Bay, Wis. (No. 1); Evansville, Ind. (2); Lansing (3); Mankato, Minn. (4); Zanesville, Ohio; (5), Ames, Iowa (6); Rochester, Minn. (7); Grand Rapids-Kalamazoo (8); Toledo, Ohio (9); and Lima, Ohio (10).

Seems like we Midwesterners really like romance. Iowa, South Dakota, Indiana and Ohio all made the list of the top 10 most romantic states.

Where are the least romantic people located? Oregon.

Midland, Texas, gets the title of "least romantic city."

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