The Oakland County Sheriff's Department received the public's help in finally catching a naked prowler who appeared to be quite 'happy'.

The search began early last Friday morning when a resident of Independence Township called deputies to his home at 3:41am after he heard his doorbell ring and encountered a naked man trying to enter his house.

The naked guy told the homeowner he was 'lost', but police found another home that had been broken into and some things damaged.

The man's doorbell cam got a clear shot of the pantless burglar, and the OC Sheriff put it up on their web site, and the man was identified and apprehended early Monday.

Remember kids, always wear pants when randomly walking through neighborhoods early in the morning!

You can see the alleged intruder was smiling and appeared very happy while roaming around. Whether that 'happiness' was natural or bought off a dealer is hard to say.

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