Sometimes, after a night of drinking, you just want some fast food. Responsible adults will have a sober driver take them to get food, but that's not what happened recently in Bath Township, Michigan. The Bath Township Police Department took to Facebook Wednesday to tell a little story about a recent drunk driving incident.

Police say that someone was driving drunk when they decided that they needed some McNuggets in their lives. So, they pulled into the McDonald's drive thru. The problem? McDonald's was closed.

Instead of just leaving, which is what a sane, sober person would do, the individual proceeded to honk their horn and yell curse words for 15 minutes while a police officer watched from a cruiser nearby.

When they finally realized that they weren't going to get their Value Meal, the subject squealed their tires, hopped and curb, and drove out onto the roadway where they were stopped by the police officer.

In the words of the Bath Township Police Department, "That is how you end up at the jail and the jail does not have any McFlurries."

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