Here we go with this old trope again. Pop stars are in cahoots with the devil. So how do they hide messages in digital recordings since it's harder to play them backward?

Modern Pop Music Is Not My Cup Of Tea, But Is It The Devil's Doing?

Ever since my dad told me to turn down that rock 'n' roll rubbish, adults have been claiming young people's music is the devil's work but is it?

As I get older, I have to admit I've started to dislike current pop music for its lack of a hook and dumbed-down lyrics, but do I think the devil has something to do with it? Nope. It's another sign of me getting older.

And I try to keep my thoughts to myself so as not to become my dad.

It Always Winds Its Way Into Politics

Michigan Secretary of State candidate Kristina Karamo is on record blasting pop stars for being demonic. Karamo, who recently gained the Republican Party endorsement to be the lead candidate to face off with incumbent Democrat Jocelyn Benson this fall, expressed her thoughts on her It's Solid Food podcast back in 2020.

Karamo said that Billie Eilish, Beyonce, and Cardi B (among others) are "tools of Satan." Karamo, also claimed in the past like “most perpetrators of this rise in paganism and witchcraft are celebrities."

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She's also attacked Beyoncé for “trying to target Black people into embracing paganism" and claimed that Eilish's "All the Good Girls Go to Hell" is proof that Billie is "operating under a Satanic delusion."

This Is Old School Stuff And Seems A Bit Dated

This isn't even a partisan issue, Democrats and Republicans alike have for years been pandering to the notion that music is the devil's tool to lure people to evil.

From Bill Haley and the Comets through the Beatles and Led Zeppelin and on to Twisted Sister and Too Live Crew, politicians love to chastise pop culture for being too permissive.

But if that were true wouldn't have John Gacy and Ted Bundy been big fans of Black Sabbath? Or Led Zeppelin? They weren't. But guess what both of them were involved in? Politics. Go figure.

Can We Focus On Making The Secretary of State Experience A Little Easier?

How about if Karamo gives us some ideas on how she will do her job better than her predecessor and maybe reopen the downtown GR office, which had a crack staff and low wait times. Maybe lower some of the fees we pay for the privilege of driving? That would win my vote, not this old-school devil dookey.

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