When I was a young altar boy some 50 years ago, I always thought the random splashing of people with holy water was an odd rite. It just got odder. 

When the priest used to take out the aspergillum (Google it. I'm not making that word up) and splash the congregation with holy water, I used to chuckle because inevitably, he would hit some old guy in the ye with some of it.

But now a priest in Grosse Pointe Park has come up with a new distribution system - a squirt gun.

Father Tim Pelc, of Saint Ambrose Church used a squirt gun to bless people and Easter baskets with holy water back in April.

He tells BuzzFeed News, ''I thought, what can we still do that would observe all the protocols of social distancing? Not only is this safe, this is fun. The sun was out, we had a nice turnout. It was a way of continuing an ancient custom, and people seemed to enjoy it.”

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