It seemed like Michigan and Grand Rapids were topping lists left and right in 2016, but in a recent report released about the quality of our nation's schools we find ourselves far below average.

In an annual report released by Quality Counts, Michigan schools earned a C- (71.4%).  Despite Michigan schools moving from 35th in the nation in 2015 to 34th in 2016, Michigan still scored below the national average in 2 of the 3 metrics measured.  Schools earned a D (65.6%) in "K-12 Achievement" and a C (73.1%) in "School Finance."

Massachusetts schools scored the best in the country with a B (86.5%) and rounding out the bottom of the list is Nevada with a D (65%).  To get more information on the rankings as well as the rest of the state's scores, check out this press release from Education Week.

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