A middle school student in Shepherd was using the school locker room to get ready for gym class, when he stumbled upon a hand gun. Luckily, he did the right thing.The student at Shepherd Middle School in Isabella County, informed authorities at the school about the discovery and they immediately informed parents of students.

Initially it was thought another student had brought the gun to school, but later a Sheriff's Deputy admitted he had left it there when using the facility to change clothes over the weekend.

According to the Mt. Pleasant Morning Sun, Shepherd Police Chief Luke Sawyer made that revelation on the police Facebook page.

Police Chief Luke Sawyer said on Facebook that it was left by a police officer.

“The weapon was not brought to school by a student or faculty member. It was left there on accident by an off-duty police officer (not a member of the Shepherd Police Department).”

Isabella County Sheriff Michael Main then released a statement taking full responsibility for the faux pas. He wrote:

“In the 20 years of law enforcement service I have never left a weapon anywhere. I have no excuse for my lack of responsibility with this matter. I have worked diligently my entire career to protect people, especially our youth. However, I have failed to do just that, and I’m devastated with my lack of accountability in this matter."

Main went on to praise the student who stumbled upon his service revolver.

“I personally apologize to the student who found it and praise him for immediately contacting an adult. I apologize to the students of Shepherd, the staff and faculty as well. The Shepherd School and Shepherd Police Department handled the incident very professionally and appropriately. I’m sorry that my actions caused them to have to deal with such a troubling issue.”

The kids of today take a lot of flack, but some of them seem to have their heads on straight. Hats off to the unidentified student who did the right thing.


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