Sometimes it doesn't hurt to just ask nicely for people to knock it off, even if they are criminals.

The words "Up North" often create images of idyllic lakes and scenic snowy vistas to us trolls, but the Chippewa County Sheriff's Department says there has been a serious uptick in crime as the hard winter months up in the Eastern Upper Peninsula start to take its toll on the populace.

The harsh winter, combined with pandemic restrictions may account for the cabin fever amongst the county's residents.

The county, one of the state's largest encompasses everything from Drummond Island all the way up to Paradise and Whitefish Bay.

Chippewa County Sheriff Michael D. Bitner went to social media this week to ask residents to knock it off with the illegal stuff to help ease the burden on his beleaguered staff.

The Facebook post was direct and earnest, it read:


Due to the overwhelming work load on our local Law Enforcement here in Chippewa County, I would ask you to please give us the opportunity to catch up. We need a few months with NO criminal activity or emergencies to respond to. I would ask you to please stop:
1- Stop drinking and driving (or under the influence of drugs)
2- Stop the domestic and sexual assaults
3- Stop stealing or embezzling from your place of work
4- Stop selling drugs
5- Stop driving so fast and crashing.
6- Stop abusing our children
7- Stop bringing other peoples urine to your court ordered drug test.
The overwhelming workload on all our of local law enforcement and first responders puts a huge strain on all of them.
YES, I know we won't get 2 months to catch up, but one can hope.
YES, I would hope people would never do these things but there just seems to be no end.
Have a great weekend.
Respectfully Venting
Michael D, Bitnar
Chippewa County Sheriff
The most recent crime rating for the County by the web site gave it a D+. While that sounds awful, consider that surrounding counties like Mackinac and Luce both earned failing grades of 'F'.
The biggest problem in Chippewa County is violent crime, particularly assault, most of which is domestic.
Ironically, the largest area of problems in the county are the communities surrounding the state prison at Kinross.
With the edict in effect for less than a week, it's hard to say if it will have any effect on the criminals who read it, providing they even know how to read, but we have to appreciate the effort.
I mean, c'mon, at least use your own pee!
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