College Students at Michigan State University...take down those white boards!

Administrators at Michigan State University have introduced a new policy which will go into effect this Fall. The policy will prohbit students from hanging white boards outside of their dorm rooms. The move is an effort to prevent racist messages from being written on the dry erase boards.

No White Boards
Townsquare Media/Scott Winters

Kat Cooper, the director of University Residential Services Communications (gee, is that a long enough title?) says, “In any given month, there are several incidents like this. Sometimes these things are racial, sometimes they’re sexual in nature.”

The ban only covers whiteboards placed outside dorm rooms. Students will still be able to keep them inside their rooms.

Now I don't blame M.S.U. for trying to prevent racial messages, but I think this ban is just a tad bit ridiculous. I sure hope nobody at Michigan State discovers Post-It notes!

To read more about the new policy, here is an article from

Even the Washington Post wrote a story about it!

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