You shouldn't have to wear gloves on the second day of summer.

The first day of spring in West Michigan was sunny and 68. The first day of summer was rainy and 65. That's Michigan for you.

A strong cold front driven in with heavy thunderstorms and winds blasting out of the northwest brought much cooler temperatures to the state Monday, with the thermometer dipping to below freezing north of West Branch.

Grayling was the state's cold spot overnight, with frost and a startling 26 degrees on the thermometer.

Other Northern Michigan locales falling below freezing included Roscommon at 29, West Branch at 30, Mio, along the Au Sable River checking in at 31, and Trout Lake at 32.

All of this following muggy conditions over the weekend, which saw temps in the mid 80s and humidity levels hovering around 70%.

Believe it or not, none of those cold dips was record breaking, which tells you all you need to know about summer in the Mitten State.

There was one low temperature record set, and that was 34 in Alpena.

The morning low in Grand Rapids dipped to 43, which was not a record.

While chilly summer mornings are not unusual in Michigan, they will be short lived as the winds start shifting back from the South later Tuesday and will start raising temperatures into the 80s later this week, although the threat of rain will remain with us all the way through the weekend, with the highest probability coming Friday into Saturday.

And yes, if you're headed up north, even there the temperature will be back into the 80s for the weekend.

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