Story of a young man with a lead foot and a solid excuse.

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This story out of Clinton Township near Detroit starts out pretty much like you would expect. A kid in a 8-year-old Ford Fusion is driving way too fast. Just how fast? The police clocked the young man at 99 mph, so they drove to catch him.

The teen does exactly what he should not do in that situation - speeds up! He gets up to 106!

Eventually he pulls over, and tells the cop he thought "someone was following him".

He's issued a reckless driving citation and sent on his way.

Now, I've driven pretty fast before but I've never gone above 3 digits on the speedometer. However, if I pulled a similar stunt when I was a teenager, you better believe I would have to drive much faster than 106., just to get away from my mom chasing after me with a broom!

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