The good news? Tooth Fairies are paying out more for your kid's teeth. The bad news? Not in Michigan. 

There’s good news for young kids losing their teeth. According The Original Tooth Fairy Poll conducted by Delta Dental, the value of a lost tooth is on the rise. Not only that – it’s at an all-time high.

The survey finds:

  • The average cash gift for a tooth this year is $4.70, the highest amount in the poll’s 23-year history.
  • It’s up from last year’s rate of $4.03.
  • The new amount is four-cents higher than the poll’s previous peak in 2017, when it was $4.66.

But when they broke it down, by region, it turns out the Tooth Fairy not that generous around here. The Upper Midwest, which includes Michigan, so only paying out $3.66 per tooth, cheapest in the country.

  • Kids in the Northeast nab the most dough for a lost tooth, about $5.72.
  • Kids in the South earn closest to the national average, $4.45.
  • Kids in the West saw an almost $2 increase, and are now getting an average of $5.54
  • Kids in The Midwest once again get the least amount, only $3.66.

I think it's probably not the best time to tell you that when all three of my kids were younger, I got sick of the constant cash flow for teeth. One morning, my youngest daughter found a huge dead moth in the back yard. I told her it was the tooth fairy, and he was dead. That poor kid is probably in therapy now.

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