Im a proud former Central Michigan student. No I didn't graduate from CMU, but I went for two years. Loved my time there, but dropped out when I got my first job in radio. While I was in the Mountain town, There was one interesting distinction Mt. Pleasant held, and it had to do with the Taco Bell.

Back in the late 80's the Taco Bell close to campus on Mission was the biggest Taco Bell in the world at that time. In terms of square footage, no Taco Bell was bigger in size anywhere. Im sure that has changed as of now, but the Mt. Pleasant Taco Bell's have earned another distinction.

More Cheesy Gordita Crunch's are bought in Mt. Pleasant than in any other location with a Taco Bell. This story from Brand Eating "Reference: Taco Bell's Top Selling Tacos" spells things out.

"Taco Bell has put out a list of their 10-top-selling tacos, based on recent sales numbers, along with the top cities where those tacos are sold the most."

Weird that Mt. Pleasant, other than being a college town, is on this list. But it's still pretty cool!

taco bell
taco bell

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