Michigan has many towns and cities with unique names...but there are also many, many of them whose names were 'stolen' from other locations around the world.

Michigan had/has communities called Hollywood, Lisbon, Liverpool, Jamestown, Hell, Texas, Sparta, Singapore, Shiloh, Jerusalem, Newark, Monticello, London, Lodi, Louisville, and many others I won't mention here...there are too many.

Many towns named after other out-of-state places have gone by the wayside and disappeared, not lasting more than a few years. Then again, there were many townships that originated as a post office or small village, such as the current townships of Berlin, China, Delhi, Denver, Krakow, Lebanon, and Venice.

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While many of the early settlers chose to name their new towns after themselves or other early pioneers, or a Native American term, or a relative, or corporate CEO (to do a little brown-nosing), many of them decided to pay homage to their original hometowns, or even home countries. We have towns, villages, cities, townships, communities, neighborhoods, lakes, etc. all with names that ordinarily would not compute as being in Michigan. Thus, Michigan truly is one big melting pot – more so than we give it credit for.

Below are twenty-two such towns, all with names I'm sure you're already familiar with; from throughout the United States to the other side of the world. Believe me, there are plenty of others – hundreds, I'm sure - and you are welcome to name any others you can think of. But in the meantime, with thanks to an Mlive article, take a look and see the ones we have here...

Michigan Towns Named After Other Places


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