Did you know that the first three tunnels in the world to connect countries are in Michigan?

Michigan has a lot of firsts.  For example, Michigan was the first state to Abolish the Death Penalty, the first state to end prohibition, and the first state to have a paved road.  That's just three examples of many.  The mitten state holds a very special place in history when it comes to international travel.  Our state not only had the first-ever tunnel that connects two countries, but it has the first three tunnels to do so.

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The first tunnel in the world to ever connect two countries is the St. Clair Tunnel.  This tunnel opened in 1891 for Chicago and Grand Trunk Railway.  This was also the first North American underwater tunnel.  The original tunnel a.k.a. the first tunnel was closed in 1994 with the second tunnel at St. Clair Tunnel opening that same year.

After nearly four years of construction, the Michigan Central Railway Tunnel opened in 1910, becoming the second tunnel in the world to connect two countries.  This tunnel goes under the Detroit River and was built for the Canada Southern Railway.

The third tunnel that was built to connect the two countries was the Detroit Windsor Tunnel.  This tunnel took two years to build and opened in 1930.  This is the second busiest crossing between the U.S. and Canada.  The Detroit Windsor Tunnel sits about 45 feet below the surface of the Detroit River.

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