Vegan: a person who does not eat any food derived from animals and who typically does not use other animal products.

The Great Lakes State has 421 vegans for every 1 million people. Michigan saw a good combination of high Google searches related to veganism and vegan restaurants. Michigan completes the top 10 list for Vegans in the country. North Dakota was last.

Total Shape via google trends
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Vegan Restaurants in West Michigan

With that many people looking for Vegan restaurants, here is a list of the Top 7 Vegan restaurants in West Michigan from Happy Cow.

Dank Street located at 1808 Monroe Ave NW, offers an all-vegan, farm to street food. This is a small business serving a rotating menu of seasonal and gluten free items.

Dank Street-Facebook

Juice By J can be found at 12 Oakes (at Commerce) in Grand Rapids. They feature cold-pressed juices, organic soup, sandwiches, and snacks, plus an all-day breakfast on Saturdays. They have Happy Hour deals on Fridays.

Juice by J-Facebook

Little Africa is found at 956 E Fulton. This is an Ethiopian restaurant offering vegan dishes. A microwave is used on some foods. They say to ask about the special of the day.

Little Africa

Gaia Cafe is located at 1553 Plainfield Ave NE. in the Creston Business district. This vegetarian restaurant has been revived and now includes a juice and coffee lounge.

Gaia Cafe-Facebook

Amore can be visited at 5080 Alpine Ave NW. This restaurant does serves meat, however they have vegan options available. It's an Italian restaurant offering a vegan menu.


Ando Sushi & Ramen is at 415 Bridge St NW. Here, you'll find a Japanese restaurant where vegans may have vegetable ramen, veg sushi rolls, bulgogi, and gyoza.

Ando Sushi & Ramen-Facebook

Many of these restaurants also offer a Gluten-Free menu.

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