A fast water warning sign on the Sturgeon River in the Upper Peninsula doesn't mince words. 

The Sturgeon River near Sidnaw in the Michigan's Ottawa National Forest is designated as a national wild river, meaning it moves pretty fast.

To get their point across, Forest Service Rangers who wrote a warning sign near the river were as direct as they could be. Roughly translated, the sign says 'if you're not sure, stay out of the water.

In particular, I love rules #3 and #5.

Jojo Girard/TSM
Jojo Girard/TSM

If you can't blow the photo up to read it, rule #3 reads "running this river requires proper whitewater gear and safety equipment. If you do not know what gear and equipment is...you should not run this river."

While #5 is equally as direct, after rule #4 gives a lengthy list of technical rules to avoid the rapids, rule #5 simply states 'if you don't understand rule #4 don't go in the river'

Fair enough. I won't.


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