How's the phrase go? If it seems to good to be true... it's probably a douche pretending to be Tom Cruise on the Internet?

Yeah, something like that.

The Press and Guide reports a woman visited the Dearborn, Mich. Police Department on Nov. 9 saying she'd been defrauded out of nearly $30,000 by a person she met online who claimed to be Hollywood actor, Tom Cruise.

The woman said she'd friended the person on Facebook about six months ago and they developed a relationship...

"Tom Cruise" then instructed her to to deposit three fraudulent checks worth $9,800 into her personal account from a different account he'd set up in her name.

Not surprisingly, the checks were flagged and the woman was told report the incident to police in order to get her checking account back in good standing.

The woman says that while she realizes now she was tricked, she really did think she was in a legit relationship with the real Tom Cruise.

But anyway, she's moved on. She's now dating George Clooney. They met on Instagram...

(Not really. But like, probably.)

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