Hell hath no fury like a librarian scorned. A case in point, Mindy Jones, who wanted a job promotion and got an arrest warrant instead.

After applying for a promotion at her job, Jones' boss did a background check, and found she had two unreturned library books.

No biggie, right? Just bring the books back, pay the fine and everyone is happy.


According to the Lansing State Journal, instead the library had issued an arrest warrant for Jones, who faces 93 days in jail, or a $500 fine.

Jones says she returned the books six months ago when she was denied use of the library's printer because of the overdue books. She figured the library would send her a bill for the fine. They went to the cops instead.

Marlena Arras, director of financial services for the Charlotte Community Library, told the Lansing State Journal Jones is not telling the full story, but declined to elaborate.

Arras said the library notifies card-holders about overdue books when they're a week, two weeks, a month, three months and about four months overdue before turning the fines over to Eaton County's economic crimes unit.

"We try to send out as many notifications as we can, but it does happen," Arras said. "If we have not received our property back, the terms of the rental are out the window and it's considered stolen."

According to the Eaton County law, this woman, who returned an overdue library book after 74 years, would have gotten over 6000 days in jail. Good Grief!

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