You know it's giant when the woman described the spider as "needing a leash."

WXYZ Detroit reports that a Shelby Township woman found the hideous creature in her toddler's bedroom. At first she thought it was a ball of string until she noticed the string had eyes!! Eww!!

Terrified, the mother of two had her father come over to help with the spider. Neither of them had ever seen a spider like this. So she had it identified by some professionals who said its an Australian Huntsman Spider and not only is it one of the LARGEST spiders in the world but it's also not native to Michigan OR North America!

So where the heck did it come from?! While it's not certain, it probably traveled here via a tropical plant that was shipped to the U.S. from a big box store... and then somehow crawled its way to this poor woman's house.

As ugly and frightening as it is, Huntsman Spiders aren't a threat and pose no harm. In fact, they are actually considered "beneficial" because they eat insects, crickets and cockroaches (Wikipedia). EWWWW I don't care how beneficial they are, if this were me I would've died from a heart attack.

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