What do you get the world's sweetest grandma? You go in on matching sleeping angel tattoos, of course!

A Michigan woman identified only as Christina posted a video this week to TikTok of the event, which took place at American Pride Tattoos in Rochester in suburban Detroit.

'My grandmother and I got matching tattoos for her 90th birthday,' Christina wrote in a caption to the video, adding , 'Happy 90th, Grandma.'

Christina's grandma was not named in the video, but I assume it's "Rosemary" judging by the song selection. (Where are my 'Edison Lighthouse' fans at!?!)

The video has garnered over one million views on the popular video site. Grandma had to use a walker to get into the tattoo parlor, where her and Christina got the 'Sleeping Angel' tattoos.

attachment-sleeping angel

How did the older woman handle the pain of the tattoo needle? Like a trooper. She barely flinched, because I assume by that age, a little tweak isn't going to bother you.

Grandma opted for a shoulder tattoo, while granddaughter put the angel on her ankle.


Believe it or not, Christina's grandma is not even close to being the oldest person in even Michigan to get a tattoo. That honor belongs to then 103-year-old Dorothy Pollack of Muskegon, who got a frog tattoo to celebrate getting out of isolation for Covid-19 in August of 2020.

Pollack then went for a motorcycle ride after getting all tatted up. No word on how Christina's grandma celebrated her brand new ink.

Since Christina posted the video four days ago, it's been flooded with love in the comments section.

'She didn't even flinch! Legend!' wrote one person.

Another added: 'Grandpa didn't look that thrilled. That is so bada** you did that with her and she did that with you. That made my day.'

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