What do the people in our state fear the most? Hint: not only do you see it a lot, most of the time it comes FROM you.

While some folks think of Halloween season as just a fun time for kids to dress up and get candy, other people like to embrace the scary side of the holiday. When it comes to scares, different folks undoubtedly fear different things and now a new report reveals what folks in different states find scary.

A new Best Life report reveals what scares people the most in each state.

They used a recent study that looked at Google Trends data to discover which fears were searched the most in each state.

Overall, “fear of being alone” was the most common fear. (which is weird to me, because I enjoy being alone. Perhaps too much.)

So what do Michiganders fear the most? Blood. Yup. The very liquid that keeps us alive.

Michigan joins Florida, Massachusetts, and two other states on this list as the five places where blood was found to be the top phobia by the Area52 study.

And how can we have a fear of blood if we have so many medical facilities?

Eight states had a fear of being alone, including Nevada, Washington, Virginia, Tennessee, South Carolina, Colorado, Maryland, and Missouri.

Other top fears include “the dark,” the top fear in six states, “people” also a top fear in six states, and “death,” “blood” and “needles,” a top fear in five states each.

One of the odder fears to make the list is the fear of a “cluster of small holes,” which was surprisingly a top fear in five states including South Dakota, Alaska, and Rhode Island.

Folks in Utah have a fear of “imperfection, while folks in Maine’s top fear is “being without their phone.”

Surprisingly, only three states had “clowns” as their top fear, and only one, Montana, had “spiders.”

My biggest fear is vomit. I want to never throw up again, or see someone else puke. It's awful.

And, since they say the best way to get over your fear is to face it, here's a video showing you how to make your own fake blood so you can stare at it until your fear is gone.

And here's a lady talking about making fake blood. She is WAY too into it. Yikes!

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