The United States Census Bureau has finished collecting data and released information showing Michigan as the 4th largest population loser in the country. It's the first time in a decade that Michigan showed year-over-year lose. Michigan lost 18,240 residents bringing the states population to just under 10 million. 

This population decrease could effect federal funding and congressional seats as these are determined by population. According to the University of Michigan Population Studies Center, Michigan could lose a seat in the House of Representatives and an electoral college vote. Michigan's population peak occurred in 2004 but hasn't broken the 10 million mark since 2007. Michigan's current resident count stands at 9,966,555. Michigan remains the 10th most populous state in the country.

New York had the nation's largest population loss followed by Illinois and California. Overall 15 states lost population. The United States did have 1,154,170 people move to the US with most residing in the South and West.

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