The one thing about pizza -- it can be ordered so many different ways. Everyone likes their pizza a little different.

The website HowToCook.Recipes has put together a list of the most popular pizza toppings in the United States. They have based their findings on search data via Google trends. They have broken down the results by state.

The Favorite Pizza Toppings in the U.S.

It is really no surprise that the most popular topping was pepperoni. A dozen states chose that topping as their favorite. The only other topping that came in as a favorite in at least ten states as pineapple. (That just opens up the debate as to whether pineapple actually even belongs on a pizza or not!)

pepperoni pie 590 isolated

What is the Favorite Pizza Topping in Michigan?

If you ask all your friends and family, I doubt you will come up with the answer that HowToCook.Recipes did. Everyone I asked said things like pepperoni, extra cheese, sausage, mushrooms, or even onions. Surprisingly the top answer, according to Google trends, was Bacon! (I can't even think back to the last time I had a pizza with bacon on it -- unless you count ham as bacon.) Bacon was also tops in six other states -- Arkansas, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Rhode Island, and South Dakota.

Crispy Organic Unhealthy Bacon

Weirdest Favorite Pizza Toppings

Usually the things most people don't like were actually at the top of the list for some states. For example:

  • Anchovies was the favorite in two states: Arizona and New Mexico.
  • Olives also were tops in two states -- Minnesota and North Carolina.
  • Basil seems to be the favorite topping in the states of Colorado and Ohio.
  • Kentucky will get the prize for the strangest topping. They were the only state that chose Tomatoes as their favorite topping. I immediately thought "tomato sauce", but no, they are actually adding sliced tomatoes to their pizza.

Here is the infographic put together by

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