Hearing about a new dispensary opening in Michigan has become a norm... they are almost everywhere now. But this one business just came up with a brilliant idea... a place where you can actually enjoy your pot outside of your home.

WXYZ Detroit reports that Holistic Industries will be opening the state's first ever consumption lounge near one of their dispensaries, Liberty Ann Arbor, in the downtown area. A spokesperson with the company told WXYZ that they are "thrilled" about this opportunity.

...and create a one-of-a-kind experience for the many people in Ann Arbor who agree that life is better with cannabis.

They said this will also provide a space for people to safely consume their product and

...we are helping remove some of the potential roadblocks cannabis patients and customers face after they purchase products and want to consume them.

The lounge will let customers kick back and enjoy their smoke/edible/vape (or however you like your cannabis) from 10a-8p. Not much else is known about the lounge. It's also unclear when they will officially open.

I personally think this is a great idea but not everyone is too keen about it, especially since it's near a school. A staff member told WXYZ that she worries people will venture out near the school and "use the playground as a place to party." As someone who enjoys pot, I can confidently say this will likely not happen because once you're "lounged" and high, the last thing you want to do is get up... unless it's for snacks, of course.

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If you're curious about what a cannabis consumption lounge might look like, I found this article that highlights five successful ones.

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