Michigan's 11th ranked Wolverines will don all-maize colored uniforms for their season opener in Dallas Saturday against Florida.

Who thought this was a good idea?

Michigan's iconic college football appearance will deviate a bit this weekend when they will don all-maize colored uniforms for the first time since 1928. For their part, Florida will don all blue for the game, which will be played at AT&T Stadium in Dallas TX.

According to the school, Michigan wore yellow against Navy back in 1928, but I've yet to see photographic evidence of that. They also wore leather helmets in that game, and I don't see that trend returning any time soon.

The trend toward alternate uniforms in college and pro football is nothing new. It's been a way to market new replica jerseys to the masses as well honor past traditions with 'throwback' or 'legacy' uniforms.

These were big during the Brady Hoke era at Michigan, as they donned 'legacy' uniforms in 2011 and 2012 as well as an all-blue uniform for a night game with Penn State in 2014 (one of the few they won that year). Overall, the team is 2-2 wearing alternate jerseys, losing to Alabama and Michigan State, while defeating Penn State and Notre Dame in them.

The players seem to be excited about wearing the new duds. Maurice Hurst called them 'sweet', while Henry Poggi said 'they're very cool, I like them.'

While we're on the subject, Michigan State will get equally as weird with their uniforms when they wear all-white instead of green (including their helmets) at home against Western Michigan on September 9.





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