An unexplained phenomenon has a cemetery superintendent and many others confused and creeped out.

The McManus grave site doesn't have your average headstone.  It is more of a giant monument.  At the top of this dark gray tombstone (that stands taller than the average living human), sits a giant granite ball.  The ball is about two feet in diameter, and appears to be an unmovable object.  The problem is, the giant head of this tombstone has moved at least twice according to Road Side America,
The cemetery superintendent has ruled out human muscle power -- the ball is too high and heavy. If there's a natural explanation, no one has figured it out yet.
Photo Courtesy of Matthew Gryczan
Photo Courtesy of Matthew Gryczan
There is a pin that holds the granite ball in place.  That pin has been snapped both times that the ball has moved.  It is possible that the ball has moved more than those two times.  At this time we only know about the two reports.
The gigantic granite tombstone is for a woman that passed away in 1914 at the young age of 32-years-old named Malinda McManus.  The fact that she died so young makes this even more spooky.  We are unable to find reports on her cause of death.
You can find the mysterious moving headstone for Malinda McManus at the Greenwood Cemetery in Petoskey, Michigan in section G, block 7.
There is another Michigan mystery perfect for a Halloween road trip if Petoskey is too long of a drive for you.  You might want to check out the glowing headstone in Schoolcraft inside the Harrison Cemetery. Click here for more info.

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