There are a good handful of centuries-old Michigan structures still around...but the one believed to be the oldest one, still in use, is the Officers’ Stone Quarters in Fort Mackinac, built in 1780.

Fort Michilimackinac (in Mackinaw City) was the original military fort in the area, but once the British got control, they disassembled the fort and built a new one on Mackinac Island. Perched atop the island's limestone cliffs, the new fort – now named Fort Mackinac - contained a brand new officers' quarters with limestone walls four feet thick.

The U.S. got control of the island and the fort after the war, lost it to the British during the War of 1812, and thanks to a treaty, got it back again in 1815. Out of all fourteen historic fort structures, the Officers’ Stone Quarters now contains a kids museum, tea room, and restaurant.

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The remainder of the fort's 14 original buildings include:
Commissary Building
East Blockhouse
Hill Quarters
North Blockhouse
Post Bathhouse
Post Guardhouse
Post Headquarters
Post Hospital
Post Schoolhouse
Quartermaster's Storehouse
Soldiers Barracks
West Blockhouse
Wood Quarters

This structure is not to be confused with (what is called) the “Oldest Public Building in the State of Michigan”. That honor goes to a building in Charlotte, at 115 W. Lawrence Avenue, built in 1841. You can read about that HERE.

OFFICERS' STONE QUARTERS (and a few other photos)


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