I think it is about time for Michiganders to give a big thanks to Big Gretch for her very strict but effective response to COVID-19 and the coronavirus pandemic.

Michigan was one of the first states to truly feel the effects of the pandemic as Metro Detroit was ravaged by COVID-19 alongside the New York City Metropolitan Area.  Although our death count rose very quickly in the early days of the pandemic, we also had one of the most drastic reductions in new infections after mitigation efforts were put into place.

Michigan peaked at almost 2,000 new cases on April 3rd and have dropped to under 100 new cases as of June 15.  This decrease has been one of the most drastic in the nation and is only rivaled by the likes of New York, New Jersey, and a few other east coast states.

Governor Gretchen Whitmer has been getting a lot of flack about her extreme lockdown and stay at home orders, but a new study has shown that these mitigation efforts have likely save thousands of lives across the state.  Her actions have also shown that a slow, measure, and intelligent reopening plan can keep new cases low, unlike many other states who are showing massive spikes in new cases since reopening.

Despite all of the frustration and sacrifices that Michiganders had to endure, we should all consider ourselves lucky to live in Michigan compared to many other states who have handled the pandemic quite poorly so far.

But all is not over yet, we still have a ways to go before there is a vaccine available or we've found a better way to treat the disease caused by coronavirus.  So, stay vigilant and follow the CDC Guidelines so we can avoid a second wave and another round of lockdowns.

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