A web site has highlighted the 'weirdest jobs' in all fifty states. Except many of them aren't all that weird. 

The site 24/7 Wall Street reviewed job listing sites, online databases, and occupation data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics to find the weirdest job or job opening in every state, and while some aren’t that crazy, there are others that will probably leave you shaking your head.

For example, the face feeler is actually a job in North Carolina (they test out personal care items like razor blades and beauty products), while in California, it’s someone’s job to be a dog surfing instructor and in Minnesota someone actually has a job as a professional sleeper. Um, how can I get that gig?

So what's the weirdest job in Michigan?

Well, Grand Rapidians will be happy to hear its 'furniture tester'.

Here's that the WallStreet24/7 says about it:

Thanks to its access to lumber, Grand Rapids, Michigan was once known as “Furniture City”. Still today, La-Z-Boy Furniture is headquartered in Michigan, so the state has many furniture testers who ensure sofas, chairs, couches, and more are comfy.

Yeah, it's really "weird" to get a human take on whether a chair is comfortable or not. That's not weird. That's necessary.



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