We've entered the age where everything on the internet is just people listing bad stuff, but sometimes they don't know what they're talking about.

Far and Wide, just in time for the summer travel season, released a list of the most boring tourist trap in every state. The intention was righteous, to list places along the highways and byways that are not worth the money to stop and see. Like in Kansas, where the world's largest ball of twine isn't worth the effort to open your car door.

But the definition of a tourist trap gets a little loose when the web site turns its gaze to the Mitten State. While the item listed is indeed a big bag full of bullcrap, the place it's exhibited isn't and that's where I take issue.

The most boring or worst tourist rap in Michigan is 'Edison's Last Breath', which they describe as thus:

There’s some serious hot air blowing through the Henry Ford Museum. The story goes that Ford was so obsessed with Thomas Edison that he convinced Edison’s son to sit by his dying father’s bedside and capture the inventor’s final breath in a glass tube, so that Ford could have something to remember his dear friend by.

We’re just glad it wasn’t another kind of post-death emission.

First of all, some props for the joke writing at the end there, that was kind of funny.

Second of all, while the exhibit itself is full of crappity crap crap and not worth the effort, the Henry Ford Museum, where its displayed is totally worth the effort!

The Museum in Dearborn, officially known as the Museum of American Innovation is well worth the time, offering displays on the invention of everything from the assembly line to microprocessors.

Plus -- they have a huge display of old cars including JFK's death limo!!

So stuff it, Far and Wide, and learn the definition of a tourist trap, ya goofs.

By the way, everyone in Michigan knows the most boring Tourist Trap in the state is the 'Mystery Spot'. Now run along, nothing to see here.

Or is there? Check it out...

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