If you are an avid fisherman and love all those tasty yellow perch the great state of Michigan has to offer...make sure you know the new catch limit for perch that will kick in this year.

According to WOOD, the Michigan Natural Resource Commission has issued a new catch limit for yellow perch cutting the number of perch you can keep in one sitting to half.

Beginning April 1, 2019, what used to be 50 per day limit will now be cut down to 25 yellow perch a day on most waters across the state.

Lake Erie will be the only lake that will keep the 50 per day rule in effect. Lake Gogebic in the Upper Peninsula will go to the 25 per day limit with an exception of no more than 5 of the 25 being 12 inches or longer.

The DNR say this move was made to help keep the population of perch balanced since this is one of the states most fished game.

If you know anywhere I can catch some perch like the one in the picture above...let me know!


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