In a 'Two and a Half Men' episode airing this Thursday at 9:30pm ET on CBS, Mila Kunis will be guest starring opposite her real-life fiance, Ashton Kutcher. The two last acted together opposite one another in 'That '70s Show' as the characters of Jackie (Kunis) and Kelso (Kutcher).

In the clip posted on Extra, Kunis plays Vivian, who is described by CBS as “young, beautiful, free-spirited traveler.” She becomes the object of affection for Kutcher's bachelor character, Walden, and thinks she might be "the one" but there's one little problem: he's about to propose to someone else.

The preview shows Kunis and Kutcher seemingly trading barbs about their own real-life relationship.

"What's your deal, Walden? Good-looking guy. Rich. Malibu beach house. I bet you only date hot actresses," Vivian says to Walden over chinese food.

"God no. I'd never date an actress," replies Walden. "They're all crazy."

It was recently reported that Kutcher and Kunis are expecting their first child together later this year.

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